Persephone Pon Farr

Persephone Pon-FarrShe may be petite, but Persephone Pon Farr is an explosion of sensual energy, and proof that dynamite comes in small packages! Persephone is a true Renaissance woman who has dedicated most of her life to studying the arts. She has spent years honing her skills in everything from playing her piano, violin, viola and guitar to singing, dancing, and sewing/crafting her stage props and costumes for her performances. Persephone’s range of performance styles can transport you from 1700’s nobility to 1920’s speakeasies, from an enchanted underwater paradise to a Lovecraftian sci-fi nightmare—and everything in between!

Always classy and sometimes sassy, Persephone Pon Farr is never too shy to showcase her best assets for you! With her striking features, warm smile and endearingly quirky personality, this tiny firecracker will quite literally charm your pants off!